Aviano AV890 7-in-1 Smart Home Air Purifier


BUNDLED with 2 SETS of True HEPA Filters for Large Room (350sqft) – Great for Smokers, Pets, Allergies – Filters Pet Hair, Dust, Allergens, Mold, Germs, Odor & Smoke Eliminator

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Aviano AV890 7-in-1 Smart Home Air Purifier BUNDLED with 2 SETS of True HEPA Filters for Large Room (350sqft) – Great for Smokers, Pets, Allergies – Filters Pet Hair, Dust, Allergens, Mold, Germs, Odor & Smoke Eliminator


Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 7 x 19.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 16.57 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Aviano Botanicals
  • Item model number: KJ160FK01B
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Date First Available: March 20, 2019
  • PREMIUM 7-STAGE FILTRATION SYSTEM – Aviano A890 air purifier for home features 7 distinct stages to help filter, clean, sanitize, purify, eliminate and deodorize the air in your home of allergens, bacteria, pollen, mold, dust, viruses, pet hair, dander, smoke, toxic household chemicals, germs, odor and more. Our ionic air purifier for home Includes TWO True HEPA filters which removes 99.97% of all airborne particles which are larger than 0.03 microns.
  • AUTOMATIC SMART AIR PURIFIER – Auto mode senses and displays the quality of the air in real-time & adjusts the fan speed to clean the air. Includes a timer to set how long you want the room air purifier to run, 3 adjustable fan speeds, quiet sleep mode for the bedroom, along with sterilizing UV air sanitizer and Ionizer air purifier.
  • 2 SETS OF LONG LASTING FILTERS Along with our replaceable filters (Activated Carbon, True HEPA, Cold Catalyst, Antibacterial) we include a unique air purifier with washable aluminum pre-filter which helps trap larger particles such as hair and dust which will make your inner filters last much longer and save you money.
  • GREAT AIR CLEANER FOR HOME AND LARGE ROOMS – Aviano A890 True HEPA Air Purifier Large Room is incredibly durable super efficient. It’s great for small or large rooms upto 350sqft. Use it anywhere in your house or apartment. Great for smokers, allergies, dog or cat owners, smoke or odor sensitivities, babies, and more.
  • QUALITY MADE TO LAST – Our room air purifier is not just sleek, but also built to last with our great air filtration system. It is also a great air purifier for office. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR 2 SETS OF FILTERS INCLUDED WITH YOUR ORDER.

Breathe Pure Air and not Air Pollutants Premium 7-Stages
of Filtration Washable Aluminum Pre-Filter Filters larger particles in the air
such as dust, hair, and pet dander. Helps make the inner filters last longer
and be more efficient. Antibacterial & True HEPA Filters Dual-sided filter
cleanses the air and eliminates dust particles, pet dander, toxic household
chemicals, gases, smoke and all kinds of odor. Nano-Cold Catalyst & Activated
Carbon Filters Dual-sided filter eliminates 99.97% of all airborne particles
larger than 0.03 microns including bacteria, allergens, microbes, pollen, dust
mites, molds, etc. UV-C and Anion Generator The UV light kills various kinds
of viruses, germs and bacteria while the ionizer releases negative ions to
improve overall air quality in the room. Read more Aviano A890 Air Purifier
Breathing clean air is not a luxury but a necessity for a good and healthy
life. Protect your home and your loved ones from all the air pollutants which
lurk inside your home – ones which cant even by seen by the naked eye.
Everything from pollen to dust to bacteria to toxic household gases.
Introducing Aviano A890 Air Purifier – The complete and smart air purifier we
designed and crafted with our families in mind. It features 7 stages of
filtration which helps not only filter 99.97% of all air particles greater
than 0.03 microns but also helps to sanitize and rejuvenate the air using our
UV and negative ionizer. While others may claim to have similar filters, not
all filters are made equally. We spend time to make sure every filter and part
we create has the quality and craftsmanship which you and your family
deserves. Additional Benefits Stylish & Sleek Black & White Design High
Quality Expert Craftsmanship Ergonomic Design for Optimal Air Flow Light
Weight & Easy to Move Around Easy to Install & Setup Efficient & High CADR of
181 Read more Read more Adjustable Fan Speeds & Timer There are 3 adjustable
fan speeds depending on the quality of the air and size of the room. The Timer
allows you to run the purifier for a certain amount of time before it
automatically turns off. Super Low Sound Air Purifier We have gone lengths to
make sure the sound of the air purifier is minimal. While there is a soothing
white noise when fan is at full speed, the quiet sleep mode lets the purifier
run very quietly. Air Quality Display for Auto Speed This air purifier
features a real-time air quality sensor and display. You can see the quality
of the air based on 3 colors (green, yellow, red). On smart auto-mode, the fan
adjusts automatically based on air quality. Great for Large Rooms Our superior
7-stage filtration system allows you to use this air purifier in small or
large rooms in your home upto 350sqft. It is perfect for a bedroom or family
room or even an entire small apartment. Read more

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